Simple, flexible pricing.

Customized to your exact cloud
security and compliance needs.

What do you need Halo to protect?

Cloud Secure

Security & compliance visibility for a broad range of public cloud infrastructure & application services

  • Unified view of all cloud resources
  • CIS Benchmarks plus Halo Advanced best practices
  • Messaging service integration
  • Advanced policy customization
  • Unlimited scans at customizable intervals

Pricing based on the number of IaaS accounts/subscriptions protected.

Server Secure

Server & cloud workload security & compliance for virtual machines & host operating systems

  • Software Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Configuration Monitoring
  • Server Account Management
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Log-based Intrusion Detection

Metered pricing based on server-hours used.

Container Secure

Security & compliance for microservices & applications across hosts, containers, & image registries


All server instance functions plus:

  • Container runtime configuration assessment
  • Image registry continuous assurance
  • Multiple image registry integrations

Metered based on server-hours used by Docker hosts.

Our pricing philosophy


Volume Discounting

Go low.

The more protection you need, the less you pay per AWS account or server instance.


Flex Pricing

Don’t get locked in.

You can’t predict your cloud needs 6 months from now. With Halo you don’t have to.


Unlimited Users

Spread the love.

As many of your team as you allow can use all Halo capabilities across your organization.

Battle-tested features. No extra charge.

Halo has been protecting the cloud deployments of customers around the globe for nearly a decade.
You benefit from what we’ve built for them, without paying extra like others  – if they even offer it.



Enable high-speed automated workflow, weaving security into reporting & DevOps.

SIEM Integration


Facilitate quick, easy integration with your existing SIEM tools using Halo’s event connector.

Tool Integration


Easily integrate with tools such as Jenkins, Slack, and Jira.

Cortex CI/CD Toolkit


Build your security automation workflows with minimal impact on development cycles.

Battle-Tested Security


Protect Halo access using enterprise-class RBAC, SSO, MFA, and IP address verification.



No two environments are the same. Customize policies and scan settings to suit your needs.