Cloud infrastructure visibility:

Comprehensive visibility of your public cloud infrastructure

43% of cybersecurity professionals cite a lack of visibility into their cloud infrastructure security posture as their biggest headache, according to the Cloud Security Report from Cybersecurity Insiders.

Cloud Secure is an automated public cloud infrastructure security solution that delivers comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services to reduce cyber risk for your organization. CloudPassage offers the only solution delivering insight, protection, and compliance employing a single agent and single console for all of your cloud assets spanning servers, containers, and services.

Eliminate your public cloud blind spots. Automatically discover public cloud assets, reduce your attack surface, find critical risks other tools miss, and prioritize remediation, all while maintaining continuous compliance.

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Know what cloud assets you have and where you are vulnerable


Quickly discover and inventory resources and services in use across any number of public cloud accounts in use in your organization to better manage cyber risk.


Reduce the attackable surface area of your public cloud deployments by detecting insecure resource and service configurations so you can remediate them.


Prioritize remediation work on the greatest risks by understanding the relationships between exposed assets. Assess the security of your cloud-delivered compute, storage, and other infrastructure services such as compute workloads (containers, virtual machines, serverless functions) as well as cloud provider application services (database, storage, networking, auditing, IAM, etc.).


Enable fast and effective remediation by providing actionable information to the people who need it in an automated fashion. Automate remediation workflows by sending vulnerability and remediation information via Amazon SNS and other notification mechanisms.


Continuously monitor for compliance violations by auditing data from AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, VPC Flow Logs and AWS Security Groups. Achieve and maintain compliance by addressing policy requirements for CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, PCI DSS and SOC 2.

“62% of cybersecurity professionals think misconfiguration of the cloud platform/wrong setup is the biggest threat in public clouds”

Cloud Security Report,
Cybersecurity Insiders, 2018